Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Read All About It

Public relations practitioners are always reading. From newspapers and specialty publications to white papers and annual reports, PR pros constantly have some sort of document in their hand or open on the computer screen. Reading is a great way to understand industry trends, keep up with beat journalists, and stay on top of current events.

As I became more interested with the food and beverage consumer packaged goods and retail industries, I knew that the best way to learn and stay informed of developments was to read. With a little research, I found an abundance of resources. Today, I get my industry news from a myriad of outlets, mostly online, and my e-mail inbox is full each morning. Below, you can find my comprehensive reading list, sorted by industry.

Candy and Snacks
Food Processing and Engineering
Food Retailing and WholesalingFrozen FoodsIngredients and Specialty FoodsMeat and Deli
Related Industries
Know of other e-publications that industry pros shouldn't miss? Leave a comment and add the link to your favorite online periodical.

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