Tuesday, August 3, 2010

DIY Chocolate

Put on your hairnet and prepare your sweet tooth! Earlier this month, The Hershey Company opened a new, interactive experience at Hershey's Chocolate World that gives guests the opportunity to concoct their own chocolaty confection.

The Create Your Own Candy Bar attraction opened June 12 and puts visitors in the role of chocolate maker, designer, and overall innovator.

When patrons enter the attraction, they immediately get ready to play the part of chocolate maker by donning factory aprons and hairnets. From there, they move to an interactive kiosk where they choose up to three personalized ingredients from the list of graham cracker crumbs, crisped rice, blueberry fruit gels, chocolate cookie bits, vanilla chips, and rainbow sprinkles for their custom-made milk chocolate bar. They also design packaging tailored to their individualized taste. At the end of the 30-minute experience, visitors leave with their delicious souvenir.

For only $14.95 per person, each guest not only receives the candy bar he or she invented, but also experiences the confection creation process from start to finish by witnessing authentic equipment in operation at a genuine chocolate factory first-hand.

If you can't make it to Hershey, Pennsylvania, anytime soon, you can always visit the attraction virtually on the Chocolate World website.

Have you created your own Hershey's candy bar? Share your stories and photos in the comment section below. If not, tell me what you would add to your dream creation!

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