Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reflections on Change

Last week, the Twin Cities Chapter of the Network of Executive Women held their Spring Networking event. As a member, I had the opportunity to lunch and learn with talented women from area companies including SUPERVALU, Target, The Schwan Food Company, Land O' Lakes, and Procter and Gamble, among others.

The luncheon featured guest speaker Dr. Verna C. Price, president and principal consultant at J. Cameron & Associates.

To begin, Dr. Price posed an important question to the audience: Is your life what you want it to be? The inspiring program, "Change Your Life in 30 Days," emphasized the message that no one has more power than you do to effect change. While Dr. Price emphasized that change is beneficial and should be embraced, she noted that people never change unless they are challenged. She ended the program by offering ten strategies to create change:
  1. Know that you can change.
  2. Embrace change.
  3. Embrace your personal power.
  4. Analyze the pros and cons of your life.
  5. Confront your fear.
  6. Accept the challenge.
  7. Assess the people in your life.
  8. Write your change thought.
  9. Decide on three action steps.
  10. Find someone who will hold you accountable.
So, what are you waiting for? Go forward and use these tips to create a better life for yourself! If you have additional tips or suggestions, leave a message.

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