Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Change of Pace

Food manufacturers introduce hundreds of new food and beverage products every year. From pre-packaged meals to flavored waters to bubble gum, retailers line store shelves with new items. Only the most innovative goods that fill a void in the market survive. Of those, only the best of the best earn the SymphonyIRI Group New Product Pacesetters award showcasing the year's most successful new CPG brands.

Now in its 13th consecutive year, the annual report highlights the most successful consumer packaged goods products launched in the past year. The 2010 product winners are as follows:

POWERADE® ION4® is an advanced electrolyte system in POWERADE® that helps replenish four electrolytes lost in sweat. The sports drink earned $190.5 million in its first year.

Chobani, an all-natural Greek yogurt with no preservatives and no artificial flavors. The yogurt is made with real fruit and has twice the protein of regular yogurts. The dairy treat made $149.4 million in 2010.

Wonderful Pistachios are tasty shelled nuts backed by a creative advertising campaign. Last year, shoppers bought $114.1 million worth of the snack.

glaceau vitaminwater zero is a calorie-free version of the original line of vitaminwater drinks. The bottled beverage comes in seven flavors and is sweetened with Truvia. In 2010, the drink brought in $110.3 million.

Nature's Pride, with its 100 percent natural ingredients, comes in an assortment of forms, including soft breads, hearty breads, ovenclassics, and premium harvest buns and rolls. The bread line earned $80.8 million last year.

Trop50 juices contain 50 percent less sugar and calories. Sweetened with Stevia, Trop50 comes in eight varieties, including orange juice, apple juice, and lemonade. Total 2010 sales topped $74.4 million.

Thomas' Better Start English Muffins have less calories and more fiber with the same great Thomas' English Muffin taste. Last year, consumers purchased $74.2 million of the breakfast food.

Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups made $62.1 million in 2010 – its first year on the market. Made for Keurig single brew coffee makers, the gourmet coffee comes in a range of flavors.

Adults 21 and older enjoyed Budweiser Select 55 to the tune of $59.9 million in sales last year. The premium light beer boasts just 55 calories per bottle.

Trident Layers sugar free gum sandwiches a chewy fruit flavored center in between two soft pieces of Trident gum. Buyers chewed $53.9 million of the gum in 2010.

SymphonyIRI Group claims the "New Product Pacesetters are best practice case studies in how to beat the new product launch odds." To find the entire list of winners, including the non-food awardees, visit CSP Information Group, Inc., news for convenience and petroleum retailing.

Which of these items are your favorites? Keep your eyes open in the coming year, because you never know which of this year's items will be the next set of Product Pacesetters!


  1. Pistachios even have Snooki as a spokesperson endorsing them! I love vitamin water zero, the 55 calorie miller beer and keurig k-cups (although I can't help but think how bad all that packaging is for the environment. I envision them polluting land fills)

  2. Lori, love your comments! What I like about K-Cups is that I can try so many different flavors. I wonder if they will come up with an environmentally friendly package. I'll stay on top of it!