Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Favorite Things

Some holiday flavors are available just once a year. So why deny yourself the chance to indulge on delicious seasonal tastes? Once the New Year arrives, you'll have plenty of time to make resolutions to watch your weight! For now, enjoy these Christmas candy facts from the National Candy Association:
  • More than 150 million chocolate Santas will be made for the winter holiday season.
  • The winter holidays represent the biggest boxed chocolate selling season.
  • The winter holidays are the third largest “candy holiday” sales season, behind Halloween and Easter. Valentine’s Day is fourth.
  • Retail sales overall for the winter holiday season account for 20 to 40 percent of annual retail sales.
For now, I'm curious to hear from my readers! Vote for your favorite holiday treat.

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  1. Those all sound amazing but I had to say Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls because I have had those every Christmas morning since I can remember!

    Now when my son and I make them, we put red & green decorator sugar on top of the icing -- makes them Christmas-y :)

  2. My husband grew up with Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls on Christmas morning. They're so delicious, we kept that tradition! Maybe this year we'll try red and green sprinkles...that just screams Christmas.

    Thanks for the comment, and happy holidays!