Friday, June 25, 2010

10 Questions or Less with Chex Mix

One of my favorite parts about writing this blog is the opportunity I get to interview those in the field with unique jobs. These individuals are changing the industry with their innovative thinking, and today's profile illustrates that concept. This week, say hello to an old friend.

Name: Chex Mix
Company: I work for myself. I refer to General Mills as "the Creators," but they aren't my employer exactly.
Job Title: Snack Mix, Party Goer, Travel Companion
Years in the industry: 30+

1. How did you get into the business? It was family work, my mom's side of the family had plenty of experience with this kind of work (they are all pretzels).

2. What drew you to this line of work? When I was first born, like any youngster, I had aspirations to be a staple. I realized in high school that would never work for me. I like variety too much. So when I embraced who I was at heart, a snack food, things started to fall into place for me.

3. What do you love about your job? I love the freedom I have to just hang out with people. I really love the travel (prefer road trips to air travel, but hate the high prices that are tacked on me at the airport).

4. Talk to me about your childhood. I grew up in the suburbs of American homes, mostly being made by moms with their creative recipes. It was great; always felt like I was born into classic Americana.

5. Tell me about your family. Mom and her whole side of the family are pretzels. And she is a salty one; don't cross her. Dad's side of the family is where all the variety comes from. Rye crisps are my dad's dad and Chex is on his mom's side. Grandpa Chex had it rough, as his family didn't always approve of him mixing it up with snacks. He comes from a line that is pure cereal. Grandpa Chex was a real hero in breaking down the snack/cereal barriers.

6. I hear you went to school with Beef Jerky and Little Debbie. Who else went to your school? All snacks went to the same school. I was best of friends with Bugles. All candy attended a magnet school after junior high, so we didn't seem them much after grammar school.

7. Whom did you escort to prom? This is at the core of the conflict that Beef Jerky still has with me to this day. It is a complicated story, but the short answer is that it was a group date with Little Debbie, Bugles, Twinkies, and Trail Mix.

8. How would you describe your fashion sense? You call them flavors, I call them outfits, and I am lucky enough to have General Mills as my stylist.

9. What's the best thing you've ever eaten? Snacks don't eat, it would be kinda weird if we did. It is in our nature to be consumed, so I love being eaten, but have never done it myself.

10. As everyone's favorite party snack, you're invited to many soirees and hear a lot of pick up lines. What's your favorite? The favorite one I recently heard was "Baby, you're so fine you make me want to get a job." It was delivered by a guy who was obviously employed, so the ironic humor made it a winner. I clapped a couple of pretzel arms together in applause, but there was too much laughter for anyone at the bar to hear or notice me, which is typical.

Chex Mix, I know you have some vacation plans and parties to get to, so thanks very much for your time! I look forward to continuing our conversation on Twitter. (You can follow @Chex_Mix there, too.) For now, I'm off to eat you in cheddar...

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