Friday, June 11, 2010

Gifting: Dads, Grads, and Weddings

It's that time of year – Father's Day is one week away and graduation and wedding seasons are in full swing. As families and friends try to seek out thoughtful, useful, and creative gifts, Best Buy seems to have devised a unique solution. The company's "Pitch In Card" provides gift givers an opportunity to combine their resources to present one large gift to a lucky recipient.

Here's how it works: Your dad, grad, or wedding couple can visit the Best Buy website and add items to their online "Wish List." Once friends and family members have an idea of what the beneficiary wants and/or needs, they can join forces to contribute any amount at any time to a "Pitch In Card." This gift card never expires and is free to create and use in retail stores and online. Card balances can range between $5 and $9,999.99.

Benefactors can create a card online or pick up an enrollment kit at their nearest Best Buy location. Credit cards, Best Buy gift cards, a PayPal account, and Best Buy store credit can all be used toward the "Pitch In Card." Reward Zone program members also earn points when they add funds to a card.

The Best Buy "Pitch In Card" makes for easy group gifting, and can also be used for charitable giving. When hopeful gift recipients create their online account, they are able to send notification e-mails with a personalized message and theme to potential donors and set a timeframe for contributions.

Card recipients have no excuse not to send their thank you notes; they receive an e-mail notification each time someone chips in for their card and can view this information any time in their account summary.

Personally, I think this idea is perfect, especially for guests attending an out-of-town event and unable to travel with bulky gifts. It also allows for the dad, grad, or wedding couple in your life to receive the perfect present they have had their eye on, but may be too pricey for one person to purchase.

What do you think? Will the "Pitch In Card" catch on? Would you like to see more stores offer such collaboration among gift givers? Weigh in below with your comment.

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